Biodynamic Therapeutic Sessions

With Origin Forces your natural wellness journey is unique to you.

All bodies have a powerful ignition system that can become “dampened” by stress, shock, or traumas. It is hard to heal at all without a powerful inner ignition, so I begin there in helping you find your own healing journey.

By the third session, you can assess how your progress is coming.  Biodynamic work focuses on the deep fluid system of the body that supports all the systems of your body and the body-mind connection. It’s absolutely vital to have a self-regulating and resilient autonomic nervous system, which is impossible when the fluid systems are dysregulated. The good news is that resilience is a natural result of a strong fluid core. *We recommend packages of 3 sessions completed in 3 weeks.

Your original blueprint for health is in the fluid rhythms of the body.  Clients often say it feels like “magic”!

My aim is to promote profound cooperation between your electromagnetic and quantum fields and help the body and mind access deep coherency and health. I support you to a pain-free life, strengthening the body’s immune system from within, becoming more present and less reactive, as you feel fully embodied in this healing life.

Our private sessions are now happening remotely. We use Zoom, facetime, and skype. 

Please specify in our contact form what your needs are, and we can tailor your sessions directly to suit you.
Please email to schedule a session remotely.
Payment can happen on-line at the time of your session. 

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