Biodynamic Sessions

Our approach is grounded in the holistic principles of Biodynamics.

We offer one-on-one sessions remotely over Zoom.

Biodynamic Therapy is not distance healing. Elizabeth provides tools to help you feel your subtle body, where memories are stored. We help you resolve stress, shock, and trauma by focusing on the body rather than just talking about it. Although some healing occurs through deep listening in the quantum field, Elizabeth’s goal is to support your own inner resilience rather than simply “performing healing.”

Our guiding Biodynamic principle for working with shock and trauma is that healing occurs at the edges. Adding energy or input to an already overwhelmed system will not have long-term benefits. By learning about your triggers and energetic body, we engage neuroplasticity to discover new neural pathways rather than recapitulating the trauma. We uncover your body’s natural healing forces hidden beneath the pain and allow your true self to re-emerge. With the rewiring of the nervous system, we become less reactive and more present. Our sessions support you in finding dynamic stillness in biodynamics, where your inner fire and potency arise. From this dynamic stillness, deep coherence and health can be accessed.
Elizabeth would be happy to schedule a free 20-minute discovery call if you have questions before starting your work together.

And we offer hands-on sessions in Venice. 

Elizabeth has reopened her home office after the COVID-19 pandemic. Origin Forces sessions primarily offer Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and Polarity Therapy, both of which come from the school of Osteopathy. The main principle is that the body has an innate fluid force of health that remains despite circumstances. Chronic stress, trauma, and shock create compensations in the body attempting to maintain homeostasis. However, often these disturbances do not resolve as quickly as we would like due to added stress on top of stress. Nevertheless, this field of health remains. Our work allows the body, without significant input other than holding and honoring a dynamic stillness, to rebalance to a profound state of health.

Are you in Los Angeles? Elizabeth would love to see you. Just make sure to test before coming for everyone’s safety. Also, please cancel if you experience any symptoms.

We offer session packages and free discovery calls. Start your journey with Elizabeth by sending us an inquiry here.