Biodynamic Therapeutic Sessions

Origin Forces allows your own natural wellness journey to lead.

We use non-invasive palpation of your fluid systems and structure as well as somatic meditative prompts to help you deeply connect. As needed, use of deep polarity techniques to break open held tissue patterns, as well as myofascial release are employed to help the client completely relax and connect with the fluid tides. Our aim is to promote profound cooperation between your electromagnetic and quantum fields and help the body and mind access deep coherency and health. Your original blueprint for health is the very seed of your inception, which you will profoundly feel as the alignment is revealed. Finally, you’ll be making sense of your health challenges within the context of your own journey and empowerment at every stage.

Origin Forces offer’s group sessions for families and infants and private sessions with phone consultations available when needed.

 When you register you may download a pamphlet with more information on what to expect and how to prepare for getting the most out of your sessions.

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