Available as 4 oz., 8 oz., or 16 oz. sizes.

Fair trade coconut wax lightly scented with Vanilla and Brown Sugar.

Our candles burn 2-3 times as long as candles made with other waxes.

Burn Times
4 oz = 14+ hours
8 oz = 45+ hours
16 oz = 65+ hours

All systems of body & mind can Ignite with each breathe. Find the one who is breathing life into being. 

Origin Forces aims to reawaken the ritual of the candle with safe, clean burning coconut wax and soft tones of pure organic essential oils.

Candles symbolize the Inner Flame and the potency of health. The beginning of all illness is loss of potency, burn out, and a dull sense of purpose. Origin Forces candles support your healing journey.

Essential oils come straight from the plant itself. Our candles don’t have any additives or chemicals found in many other candles. They burn clean.

Made With Coconut Wax

We use coconut wax for it’s sustainability and it’s clean and long lasting burn.

We love beeswax as well, it is just not currently sustainable. And while Soy is an alternative to petroleum waxes, it is mostly GMO and research shows it harmfully impacts the environment. Petroleum wax has been shown in studies unsafe to breathe in enclosed spaces.