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Welcome to the month of LOVE. Let February be a month of renewed self-love- not because it is trendy- but because we recognize that we need it. Enough said.

We are so excited to share that our Wellness Care Products are officially upon our website! Discover them here and shop direct! Below, find a short article about the Ignition System and what exhaustion in the body really means. And towards the bottom, we implore you to join us help Puerto Rico’s victims of shock and trauma with our friends at Be the Change.

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The Ignition System and Exhaustion

If you have a moment, this Biodynamic perspective can be enlightening; often we don’t have the chance to share but in tiny blurbs. In this newsletter, I want to shine a light on one aspect of this work that I am really amazed by, just for a moment.

Indigenous understanding around the world includes the anatomy of the body’s self-healing and organizing principals, though different languages are used, there’s a common understanding that our western medical model completely banished to the realms of “myth” at best and “quackery” at worst.

Being obsessed, as we are, with the forces of health we’ve asked tribespeople all around the world about their healing models. There’s a complex commonality for the Medicine people of the planet, including all the elements and spiritual forces that interact with our anatomy and mental structures of health.

William Sutherland, the founder of Osteopathy in the Cranial Field and Randolph Stone, his teacher and the founder of Osteopathy, seemed to tap into this exact Indigenous understanding in the 1890’s. It wasn’t from learning from their grandfathers or our western culture but by a very detailed study of the human body itself. A complete circle~ yet they never knew their discoveries were understood by cultures around the globe.

For the past 20 years, I’ve been absolutely blessed to study Biodynamic CST, work with Indigenous cultures, and some of the sickest of our western clients through shock and trauma clinics, all at the same time.

The true core of health and healing is the Ignition system of the Breathe of Life, also known as Primary Respiration.

This Ignition System holds the force of conception, and, by the way, the reason behind the name Origin Forces. Before we ever get noticeably ill, before we lose resilience to stress, and before we feel depression it is the Ignition system that can diagnose the problem. We have actually lost the brightness to the “spark” of the first stage of our respiratory cycle. There is detailed anatomy to this Primary Respiration, which I will spare you here, and it can be used diagnostically with both precision and mystery.

To the Biodynamic practitioner, and the medicine man, when you lost your spark or your ignition system is down or “damp” it is a huge warning … before the adrenal failure, before burn out, or disease sets in.

The question often comes down to a feeling of exhaustion. It can seem almost “normal” to be so exhausted these days, but it is not at all a good sign. When we are aligned to our own forces of health we have so much energy we have to remind our selves it’s bedtime! We wake up excited for the day!

There is a natural paradigm to Health that is whole, complete and detailed in its anatomy.

As always, if there is any way we can assist you and your family on your healing path, please give us a call. Until then, stay true to yourself and allow your inner light to shine on.


Help For Puerto Rico Shock and Trauma Victims- Be the Change!

This amazing group of trauma therapists are dedicated to helping victims in Puerto Rico learn about and heal from Shock and Trauma in real-time. We are sending a donation, would you please join us?

You can donate here and we’ll mail all of our donations together to the Be the Change Healing fund. Paypal has a space for “notes” Please mark that it is for Puerto Rico. Or e-mail us to get their information to mail supplies directly. The need in PR is immense, and we haven’t forgotten, and Be the Change uses 100% of the donations to get the people needed therapy.

Stay tuned for our next trip to Hopi.

Thank you for each purchase of the Wellness Care Products, as profits help us continue the Hopi Healing Clinic.