Just a little update and giving of thanks!

A little update about the Hopi Healing Clinic in January.

I drove to Hopi solo, after a wonderful training with Michael Shea on treating the Metabolic system, where I was an assistant. I offer this thought to chew on after this class:

How are you processing thoughts, ideas, stimulus? Life changes? And nutrition. Time to evaluate just how well we are processing- on the cellular level of metabolism and the metaphysical and emotional levels.  The research is showing that “metabolic syndrome” is really at the heart of most of the modern illness.

More on this later. Quick Hint: Simplify. Everything.

Hopi Healing Clinic Update

On Hopi, I taught some of the younger women a few techniques that they could use with the elders. It was intimate and beautiful hands-on learning of skills that they have already put to use. I saw “clients” all day until 2 in the morning and woke up to see a few more before leaving for home. Jam packed.

There was a two-hour break with Morgan (Qua’ah, Grandfather). Qua-ah had been wanting to talk with me and the translator to discuss my heartache around the extremely high stresses children live with. In a tiny little nutshell, Qua-ah explained that the way we have been raising children for the past 200 or more years has a consequence. The Hopi looks at the “phana” or white society as really lacking family structure, and they see the children as lost from the old ways of understanding life and it’s natural rhythms. The school shootings, suicides, bullies, rape, and so on,  is that consequence. When families are so far from nature this is what happens- self- destruction. How do we get back to a natural relationship? In the family, stop making everything about money, stop pressuring children to perform. Keep a strong structure of education around the natural world….. and keep your children close to you, no matter their age.

Thank you for those cash donations!  With a little forethought and planning, we were able to purchase everything we needed. The last-minute donations helped us pull it off! Every dollar helped so much, thank you all!

With your donations, we were able to purchase

  • Several tubes of eye drops for glaucoma
  • Some very important pain relief gel
  • Some essential cooking and bathroom supplies they requested.
  • Several pairs of shoes for the grandmothers
  • Winter windbreakers for the elders
  • School supplies of pens, pencils, and notebooks
  • Fruits and healthy cooking oils

And thank you to a dear supportive friend who donated all the gas to get up there!

We also brought up of donations of children’s toys and clothing, Depends and other toiletries, a massage table to leave, several dozen children’s books, and books about the Native people of the Southwest, including books on Hopi and several other tribes. Of the Hopi books, many pictures of relatives were found and they served as family albums… and a wonderful way for me to hear more of the stories. Thank you all~ these donations are so special.

Last Christmas we gave 2 dozen jars of Humble Leaf pain relief cream, Forgiveness, the reviews were so great that the elders called and asked for it~ so we brought another two dozen.

While on the topic roughly of Native wisdom, I think this new research piece published on CNN is relevant. Again- consequences.

Remember again to reflect- how are we processing information? Each of us needs to slow down to process the information we ingest… like food… and only then do we know how to act on it.

And like Bobby McFerrin was quoted “Don’t worry, Be Hopi”