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Hopi Healing Clinic

We will be going to Hopi the 21st of January to do another pop-up Hopi Healing Clinic. We will give as many sessions as we can in 48 hours. So excited to return. To read a little about the healing clinic click here —

Your donations

Your donations can be thought of as a Christmas present, and if you are sending money but want something particular to be bought with the donation, please just write on PayPal notes. For many years Elizabeth has gone at Christmas, but by waiting this year we hope to give a lot more sessions in January and also have more time to learn from our beloved Hopi family.

Donations of any and all things self-care and health care related including toiletries, walking canes, herbal medicines, teas, toothbrushes, blankets, hot pads, and more are really appreciated. Cash donations are always welcome and will go directly to get more of for the above items. And thank you to those who have already donated!

The Hopi reservation is one of the richest places on earth in culture and spirit, but struggles so much with poverty, lower life expectancy, and lack of jobs. Your loving donations really do make a huge difference to the elders and to the children.

Text Elizabeth directly– 310-463-5170

*Use Paypal to donate securely with your credit card or Paypal account.

Little News

Dive deeper into your health! To all of our blog readers, call and sign up for a package of three sessions for the price of two. Do you want to gift this to a friend? We will send a gift certificate! Packages of three are required for new clients, and this is a huge discount for first-time clients.

Soon- Origin Forces will host healing events and yoga. Stayed tuned for a calendar of events in 2019! Also, this Spring we are self-publishing a poetry book full of poems about the richness of the natural healing process. We will keep you posted. 

Much love to all, please stay close to your heart this season!