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Empowered Embodiment- A Biodynamic Support Group for Trauma

Toxic stress, chronic inflammation, and repetitive triggers can significantly impact our physical and mental health. Our group focuses on exploring biodynamic anatomy and interoception skills to find trauma resolution from the ground up. This approach works directly with trauma stored in our body’s autonomic nervous system and responses, a fact that is often overlooked in talk therapy.

We strive to create a safe and inclusive space for all participants, regardless of their background or trauma experience.

Healing From Narcissistic Relationships

Recovering from a relationship with a narcissist can be a challenging journey. However, with our support and resources, you can become more empowered. Narcissistic relationships can cause disorientation and make you question your sanity. In our support group, we use Biodynamic skills to help you reorient yourself and build an inner fire of authentic confidence in your perspective. Connect with others who understand and can offer validation and support. Together, we’ll work on setting boundaries, practicing self-care, and building self-worth.

Speaking Up with Strength + Communicating with Compassion

Our voice is an integral part of our being and develops as we grow and experience the world around us. The safety and security we feel in our environment, as well as any trauma we may have experienced, can shape the way we express ourselves and impact our ability to communicate effectively. However, with resilience and healing, we can learn to understand and accept our unique voices, allowing us to communicate with strength, compassion, and authenticity. Our group provides a safe and supportive space to explore these topics and find healing on our journey toward finding our voices.

Finding Wholeness after sexual assault, abuse or rape

Most incidents of rape and sexual abuse occur at the hands of someone you know. This can make healing a complicated process, as feelings of shame, guilt, and anger are difficult to resolve. However, this intimate group provides a space to discuss our experiences confidentially with others who understand. We want you to know that you are not to blame. By supporting each other and exploring our biodynamic empowerment, we can move beyond shame and address the parts of ourselves that feel fragmented, finding wholeness together.

Grief & Loving: Learning to Live after Loss

Every loved one holds a special place in our lives; when we lose them, we truly lose a part of ourselves. Some losses feel impossible to survive, and sometimes we may try to deny our pain, yet our lives will never be the same. From a biodynamic perspective, our grief must be expressed and not suppressed. This group is a space to honor our grief with a small group that understands. We are all different, and from this diversity, we will support each other.

Gun Violence and Tragedy Support

The frequency of violence in our society is alarmingly high. Yet, those affected may still feel isolated and alone. The painful impact of experiencing hate crimes, school or community violence, or a shocking tragedy can leave you feeling like there is no one to talk to. This is a space to discuss not only how you have been affected, but also how your family and community have been impacted. Here, we can support each other’s healing and find ways to express ourselves during times when words cannot fully capture our emotions.

Burn-Out to New Growth

Are you experiencing work burnout that affects your personal life? Burnout can lead to chronic stress, adrenal fatigue, and autoimmune illness. Seeking support from friends, speaking up for your values, and learning healthy coping skills can help. Our community explores the biodynamic anatomy of inner fire to build resilience and prevent burnout. By tapping into the inner fire, we can discover our spark and potency to help us heal and grow and empowered to make the changes needed.