Hopi Wellness Clinic

The Hopi Nation is a sovereign land located near the northeast corner of Arizona. It is situated on three mesas that rise from the desert floor, bringing these beautiful people and their villages closer to the sky.

We set up in a small village in Hopi, Arizona, with natural wellness therapies. Visitors present a range of health issues. We are focused on (but not limited to) Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy.  Each person receives a Biodynamic session tailored to their needs and can pick up any home health donations we bring up that they need.

Our next visit – January 2024

**Two COVID tests (before coming and arriving) are required to attend

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How we came to be

This clinic originated from the organic growth of friendships that became dear family on Second Mesa over the past 25 years. Elizabeth would bring her table when visiting elders and help people with their aches and pains, just as she did when visiting her own family. At the time, living in Prescott, AZ, they would also have extended visits to her home and receive more bodywork. Working with the elders and their families, she found unique differences in their bodies compared to the typical “western body” – for instance, a much stronger midline. Elizabeth began bringing her students with permission and a request from her Hopi Grandfather, Quaáh, Morgan Sulfkie. Now, students and peers gather for each visit to see as many Hopi people as possible while bringing home health donations.

Origin Forces Pop-Up Clinic expands!

Behind every natural disaster or shooting, families and communities are suffering. Our Pop-Up Clinic comes to offer compassionate listening with our skilled biodynamic trauma students. Trauma resolution begins when we can re-orient to a sense of safety within our bodies and the greater community.

Where will we go?

The clinic plans to visit neighborhoods, schools, community centers, and churches affected by tragedy. We aim to be an addition to other resources the community may have with our unique biodynamic skill set that holistically supports resolution after shock and trauma. If you want to participate in or donate to Origin Forces’ free pop-up clinics, please contact us.

Origin Forces students + colleagues:

Study group members and colleagues are welcome to join clinics. Specific training will be provided before setting up, depending on the location. Participating as a therapist in the clinic offers a profound learning experience, as volunteers learn so much by working directly with people affected by recent and ongoing tragedies.


We are a donation-run clinic. All donations are welcome and allow those who need it most to receive sessions for free. The clinic also collects home health donations, including wheelchairs, walkers, and toiletries.