The Hopi Nation is a sovereign land near the north-east corner of Arizona. It is set upon three mesa’s that appear out of the desert floor, holding these beautiful people and their villages closer to the sky.

This clinic was born out of the organic growth of friendships up on Second Mesa over the past 20 years.  It began with Elizabeth Newman bringing her table up when visiting as a biodynamic craniosacral student, then bringing her own students, and now a collective of peers assembles for each clinic.

We set up in a small village in Hopi, Arizona with natural wellness therapies. Visitors present a range of health issues. We are focused (but not limited to) the Biodynamic model.  Each person receives a Biodynamic session, massage, or other therapy depending on their needs, and can pick up any of the home health donations we bring up that they need.

Your donations allow the Hopi people to receive sessions for free.

We are a donation run clinic. We also collect items for home health, from wheel chairs to walkers to toiletries.

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Give and Grow

The best part of participating as a therapist in the clinic is the profound learning curve — as healing work is a vital part of Hopi life. We are giving at the same time we are learning so much about the body, nature, and the subtle interplay. It is humbling to work with Hopi people who are so wise to the ways of life.

There is training required to join the clinic, just to prepare you for the trip and cultural protocols.

We will be going to Hopi in February of 2020 to do another pop-up Hopi Healing Clinic. We will give as many sessions as we can in 48 hours. So excited to return.
To ask about participating in the clinic or about larger donations please Contact Us.