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Biodynamic Training Series

Designed specifically for those in wellness and caring fields to deepen their understanding of the shift in paradigm of natural wellness and refine precise therapeutic skills based on leading edge knowledge of principals of health. With 99% of the population close to severe stress levels, the last thing our clients need is more input. Sensitive biodynamic skills are essential to caregivers in all fields working with people in stress, as well as excellent for new holistic students.

Professional Immersion Workshop Series

The Immersion Workshop is specifically developed for professionals with prior Craniosacral training who wish to further their biodynamic understanding and precise sensing and palpation skills in a hands-on and practical setting within the community of professionals. A series of perceptual and clinical exercises will be explored that progressively aid in the clarification and deepening of biodynamic concepts and phenomena. We will be sticking strictly to the biodynamic method of working with Primary Respiration to meet the embryological dynamics.



Upcoming Meditation Series:

Meditation on Primary Respiration and the 9 Systems of the Body

Meditation and Opening the Radiant Fluid Body 

Meditation on Tong-lin and Increasing our Capactiy for Compassion 

All meditation classes are open. No experience necessary. Especially useful for those in the healing fields or in their own healing journey and those who wish to have a more structured mediation practice. Please come with ‘beginners mind’ ready to try something new.


About The Instructor

Since childhood, Elizabeth Newman has had an interest in the healing arts, beginning with walking on her father and uncle’s backs and massaging her grandmother’s feet. Also, having had stomach troubles as a child, she became highly engrossed in natural herbal remedies and self care through diet. By 17, she became engrossed in kundalini yoga.

At 22, she was introduced to polarity and craniosacral therapy by Neil Pinholster. She apprenticed closely under him for many years, assisting with his trainings and working in his therapeutic office. Within a few years, she went on to study the biodynamic model with Michael Shea, while still working closely with Pinholster. After graduating from the International School of Craniosacral Therapy, she continued on to pediatric craniosacral studies and other advanced trainings with Shea as an assistant in California, Arizona and Florida. She studied with Ray Castellino in his birth-trauma resolution work. Elizabeth’s studies include affective neuro-development, embryological development, shock and trauma, pediatric therapy, and somatic meditation.

At this point, her own practice grew in both Prescott and Sedona Arizona. She also began teaching a three level class with NAMTI massage school and as a mentor for Prescott College students; she also offered independent modules in Phoenix and Maine. Her clients and students began asking her to record her mediations and teach them as seperate offerings. Inspired by the idea, she has developed mediation trainings that are attended by both clients and professionals.

While living in the southwest, Elizabeth became closely associated with the Hopi and exchanged her own learning with bodywork sessions on the Hopi reservation. Her deep love for Morgan, her Hopi grandfather, and his family opened doors to many other indigenous relationships, including an intensive mentorship with an indigenous Danish grandmother. In August, 2015 she offically began the Hopi Healing Clinic.

In 2007, Elizabeth migrated further west to Los Angeles. In her private practice Elizabeth works with clients of all ages and hopes to promote the natural wellness care model as a way of life.