Course Title: Shock and Trauma in the Body – For Caregivers and Bodyworkers

Where: Temescal Canyon Park, Los Angeles, CA

This is a two-part training with lectures, exercises, demos, and meditations to apply clinical perspectives. Taking both modules together is recommended but not required. Early bird registration and registration for both modules offer a discount. The classroom is located in a canyon park, surrounded by wilderness. Space is limited. See registration fees and FAQ’s below.

Module 1: October 28 & 29th, 2023

In the first module, we’ll define moral injury, PTSD, and the long-term impacts of shock and chronic stress on individuals and the collective. We’ll learn about the anatomy of shock and trauma in the brain, injuries sustained in the nervous system and every body system, and the impact of defense mechanisms that don’t release.

We’ll learn and practice sensitive communication strategies needed for specific stages and levels of shock and trauma. All of this is held within the containment model, which acknowledges cutting-edge neuroscience that healing happens at the edges with an understanding of moral and psychological safety. Trauma tends to leave us feeling fragmented; however, we can support the profound integration needed through these containment practices and perceptual skills. By the end of this training, you’ll be better equipped to support your clients through even the most challenging and traumatic experiences.

Module 2: December 16 &17th 2023

In the second module, we will delve deeply into the reparative model of biodynamic craniosacral therapy. You are not required to have any background in craniosacral therapy- although this class is also fit for advanced practitioners wishing to add skills to work with survivors of shock and trauma experiences.

Neuroscientists, endocrinologists, and geneticists have revolutionized our understanding of the dramatic impact of shock and trauma on the brain and body for the past 30 years. Although the term “trauma-informed” is common, the shift is clear that to resolve trauma, we must work directly with the body and not talk therapy alone. Further, where we are currently as a culture, especially for those in the caring fields, a compassionate ability to relate to a traumatized state is invaluable.

This is where biodynamics comes in. This approach focuses on understanding the steady forces of health that underlie our physical development, which remain constant regardless of any traumatic experiences we may have endured. These forces, including ignition dynamics and primary respiration, are deep resources that restore the deepest levels of homeostasis. We will apply the multidisciplinary body of knowledge to hands-on exercises where you can access these biodynamic forces of repair within your client.

EARLY BIRD EXTENDED TO 10/06/23- *We do have scholarships available, please send email to inquire

Early Bird Registration by October 6th $329 for each module ($100 discount)

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Register after October 6th – $429 each module

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Biodynamic Training Series

Designed specifically for those in wellness and caring fields to deepen their understanding of the shift in the paradigm of natural wellness and refine precise therapeutic skills based on leading-edge knowledge of principles of health. With 99% of the population close to severe stress levels, the last thing our clients need is more input. Sensitive biodynamic skills are essential to caregivers in all fields working with people under stress and excellent for new holistic students.

Shock & Trauma in the Biodynamic Body Introduction
(2-part class)

This 12-hour remote class (on Zoom) is very relevant to the Pandemic, isolation, social unrest, and triggering events that for many, feel shocking. The “not knowing what the future will bring” mixed with confusing messages about safety bring another stress, that for some is becoming traumatizing or re-traumatizing. We will compassionately use the present experience as a catalyst for digging deeper into the mechanics of shock and trauma in the brain, nervous system, and body.

In this class, shock and trauma resolution will be within the framework of the biodynamic anatomy, which provides a background of dynamic stillness and reparative ignition systems.  Both the anatomy of shock and trauma PTSD and the anatomy of the Biodynamic Body will be covered through a two-part class. Anatomy, lecture, and theory will be accompanied by break-out rooms with exercises and introspection that bring the understanding into a clinical perspective and application.

With the Life Energy Institute of Culver City

Part II of a Two-Part Series

NOTE: SHOCK & TRAUMA IN THE BIODYNAMIC BODY I is a pre-requisite for this class.

Professional Immersion Workshop Series

The Immersion Workshop is specifically developed for professionals with prior Craniosacral training who wish to further their biodynamic understanding and precise sensing and palpation skills in a hands-on and practical setting within the community of professionals. A series of perceptual and clinical exercises will be explored that progressively aid in the clarification and deepening of biodynamic concepts and phenomena. We will strictly stick to the biodynamic method of working with Primary Respiration to meet the embryological dynamics.

Upcoming Meditation Series:

Meditation on Primary Respiration and the 9 Systems of the Body

Meditation and Opening the Radiant Fluid Body 

Meditation on Tong-lin and Increasing our Capacity for Compassion 

All meditation classes are open. No experience is necessary. Especially useful for those in the healing fields or their own healing journey and those who wish to have a more structured mediation practice. Please come with a ‘beginner’s mind’ ready to try something new.