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We're starting new Support Groups coming soon! What do you need support on? Find below a 2 question survey to share with me. I’ll announce and open the applications next week. Also, below I share a current client’s trauma story. Like all trauma stories, this story touched my heart to the core. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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Authentic Women’s Groups

Two Women's Groups Are Beginning — We heal in conversation, in community, and this circle will be a place you can be fully authentic with tragedy, triumph, and aspirations. Women support women as we are stronger together. The circle will be both flexible and structured to create safety and challenge you to keep growing & going... with authenticity.

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Newsletter February 2020

Hello Dear Family and Friends, Welcome to the month of LOVE. Let February be a month of renewed self-love- not because it is trendy- but because we recognize that we need it. Enough said. We are so excited to share that our Wellness Care Products are officially upon our website! Discover them here and shop direct! Below, [...]

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Biodynamic ICSU: Shock & Trauma Class Coming Up

This 16-hour class digs deep into the mechanics of shock and trauma in the brain, nervous system, and body, including hormonal responses to stress. Learn how to work with clients who suffer after traumatic events more effectively in all bodywork modalities. We will also go into an introductory level of Biodynamic Craniosacral, and learn to palpate the [...]

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Newsletter February 2019

Just a little update and giving of thanks! A little update about the Hopi Healing Clinic in January. I drove to Hopi solo, after a wonderful training with Michael Shea on treating the Metabolic system, where I was an assistant. I offer this thought to chew on after this class: How are you processing thoughts, ideas, stimulus? Life changes? [...]

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Hopi Healing Clinic

The Hopi Nation is a sovereign land near the north-east corner of Arizona. It is set upon three mesa’s that appear out of the desert floor, holding these beautiful people and their villages closer to the sky. This clinic was born out of the organic growth of friendships up on Second Mesa over the past 20 years. [...]

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