Authentic Women’s Groups

Each Group is limited to 8 women.

With the isolation of the pandemic, we need supportive places more than ever. Research of the female brain shows we uniquely process stress and pain in the community of other women; sharing and hearing our stories and supporting each other to grow and shine authentically. The Authentic Women’s Groups will go deeply into working with somatic practices to finding your inherent health even in these challenging times. We’ll be both flexible and structured to create safety and challenge you to keep growing and going… with authenticity.

In these Authentic Women’s Groups you’ll find you can be fully authentic with tragedy, triumph, and aspirations. Although each woman’s story is unique and nuanced, there are common threads in both injuries and in healing.


Who are these Authentic Women’s Groups for?

· Women who have experienced trauma in their lives and still want to live fully and freely.

· Women who don’t want to pretend or mask their pain, and don’t want to be limited by it either.
· Women who are looking to find their authentic voice, strength, and ability to receive love as well as to give it from an authentic space within.

· All ages- the diversity will strengthen the groups support of each other’s unique circumstances.

· Women who’ve had a hard time during the pandemic for any multiple reason (Nurses from Covid Units, please attend free of charge). Contact Elizabeth
· Women who know they ‘don’t need to do it alone’ and yet- often still find themselves in isolation.

The benefits to joining the Authentic Women’s Group

· Laugh, cry and share your stories in a safe in a vulnerable community space.
· Find safety within ourselves and gain confidence
· Understand how trauma affects you.
· Become ‘friends’ with your own self on a deeper level.
· Meet interesting women who share the same commitment to growth and authenticity as you from around the country.

What will the structure of the Support Group look like?

The Groups are held over Zoom and are limited to 8 women who can commit to all four weeks. There is the option of going deeper in subsequent months.

The cost is $100/ month and includes 4 sessions of 2 hours each. (This is a discounted price for working with Elizabeth, where single sessions are almost double the cost of the full month.)

· We’ll be using Elizabeth’s workbook (snail-mailed to you for free) to develop resources and rebuild your inner strength.

· Deepen skills of compassionate listening and be heard in your truth.

· Learn somatic exercises to develop a sense of safety and slow down cascades of emotions.

· Understand how shock and trauma affect the brain and body, and how to track our own healing process.

· Expect laughter and tears.


Has your past trauma eclipsed your joy today?

· Is pain from the past hiding in the shadows? Do you feel you have worked to release it and just cycles back?

· Do you suffer from fear or worry or have over-blown reactions you cannot explain?

· Are you feeling isolated?

· Do you have “long-hauler Covid” or suffer the loss of a loved one during the pandemic?

· Were you a nurse or essential worker during the pandemic and just feel burnt out?

· Is it hard for you to feel safe, even sometimes in your own home?

· Is it hard for you to tell your own stories of trauma or pain?

· Do you think (or have you been told) you are being “dramatic” “too much” or try to make excuses for not being your full self?

· Do you find yourself isolating? Even sometimes feeling isolated with other people there?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, we know the group would benefit you.
If you have questions please email. We’d love to help you.