About Origin Forces

Origin Forces is creating a culture of natural wellness, where we recognize the true forces of health.

Often disease, hardship, and loss can be the catalyst to discovering true transformation within.

In a natural pattern of wellness, we find that all life comes from darkness—the baby from the womb, the seed from the earth. Instead of masking or covering up pain or symptoms, we uncover and reveal profound natural well-being. I am here to support you in the journey from your own dark space to your empowered well-being.

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy began in 1898 with Dr. William Sutherland, a student of Osteopathy. It is a field that continues to develop to this day and encompasses the study of life since pre-conception. The forces that create life itself continue throughout life. The Biodynamic practitioner engages these forces of the body, felt as subtle tides, as the restorative function that supports all systems of the body beyond homeostasis.

We offer private sessions, lectures, and workshops, and our Wellness Care Products 

About The Instructor

Elizabeth Newman majored in intercultural communications in her undergraduate work at Prescott College in Northern Arizona. In 1998, at 23 years of age, she began studying Craniosacral Therapy and Polarity Therapy under direct apprenticeship with Neil Pinholster of the Quan Yin Institute. Neil, in his late 60’s at the time, had been a lead teacher for Upledger and the Polarity Health Institute before moving to Arizona. After taking all of his courses she assisted most of his trainings thru 2004 and often worked in his office alongside him.

In 2003 Elizabeth received her Foundational Diploma for a 3-year training in Biodynamic Craniosacral with the International School for Craniosacral Therapy, Flordia. Elizabeth donated three sessions a week for five years for the Shanti Wellness Clinic, serving homeless and severely traumatized women. At the Verde Valley Therapeutic School for troubled Teens Girls, ages 13-17, Elizabeth brought Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy to teen clients with severely traumatic backgrounds.

Since the foundational training graduation, Elizabeth completed numerous advanced Biodynamic trainings including an 18-month program in Shock and Trauma, three-part training in concussions and Traumatic Brain Injuries, numerous training on Ignition processes, metabolic process, and pediatrics with international teacher Michael Shea of Florida. Elizabeth trained extensively on the birth process and healing birth trauma with Ray Castellino, of BEBA clinic in Santa Barbara. Still today, Elizabeth assists classes when possible for Michael Shea, and whole-heartedly believes in life-long learning.

In 2004, Elizabeth taught her first class as a Prescott College mentor. She continued to teach a three-part Biodynamic Training in BCST at the Nothern Arizona Massage Therapy Institute (NAMTI) in both Sedona and Prescott 2004-2008. Also at NAMTI she developed her own Shock and Trauma three-part series. She taught her own classes privately throughout the southwest, and also on the East coast in Maine to massage therapist and psychologists primarily. She also has taught classes to NICU nurses in hospitals in Phoenix and Los Angeles. In 2005-2011 her private practice became 80% pediatric birth trauma clients.

Elizabeth is also a dynamic speaker, having had engagements around the country for diverse groups, including gang prevention in Los Angeles, large hospital groups, government groups, including the Annual Forest Service Conference, and private organizations like the Fetzer Institute, in Kalamazoo MI. Elizabeth speaks about Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, the Stages of the Embryo, Healing from Trauma, and Grief and Humor.

In 2019, Elizabeth brought her Shock and Trauma in BCST training to the Life Energy Institute, Culver City, CA. Elizabeth currently lives in Los Angeles and offers sessions to clients remotely where she helps the access their own their full energy, strengthen their immune system, and release physical and emotional pain so they are less reactive and more present and grounded.

Our promise to you:
With our multiple-discipline approach, we support your journey to a healthy fulfilling life. We offer many tools to coach you beyond survival and coping to vitality and thriving. 
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