Origin Forces Wellness Care Product line was first developed by our multidisciplinary Holistic practitioners for our clients. Our organic growth has allowed us to now offer Origin Forces Care Products to you.

We use both leading edge science and indigenous wisdom in creating our authentic products to empower your full potential for healing.

We only use only the best all natural ingredients, for mind, body and planet. We refuse to cut corners, as we know that you and the planet are worth it. Origin Forces does not use additives, preservatives, dyes or fragrances, and we never test on animals.

Origin Forces offers a multiple-discipline approach to support your journey to a healthy fulfilling life.

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

BCST is a noninvasive healing modality that
helps women, men, children and infants
find natural health within their bodies,
release dysfunction in any
system of the body, and thrive.
The biodynamic forces regulate and restore
homeostasis and vitality in the embryo and adult body. Each session is customized to your personal needs.


After stress, trauma, or shock, the natural
rhythms of our bodies are disrupted. The nervous
system, brain waves, and immune systems all
change rapidly. After this disruption, we are not
synchronized with our natural rhythms and our
body becomes tense and dysfunctional, and may be susceptible to disease.
Origin Forces uses your own bodies intelligence within the Biodynamic system to re-orient the body quickly and effectively to the rhythms of the natural world. Health is inner and outer harmony and syncopation.


• Release of fear, anxiety, and stress
• Alleviate pain and tension
• Relieve headaches
• Recovery of energy and passion
• Create stillness within for optimal growth
• Establish emotional balance