Origin Forces offers one-on-one sessions, groups, classes, and a community to help you feel your best again.

We work with clients who have experienced trauma, face physical or emotional challenges,
or simply want to deepen their understanding of themselves.

Our approach is designed to help you transform pain into power and purpose.

Welcome to Origin Forces!
Hello, I’m Elizabeth, and I’m delighted you’re here. Please take a look around, be at home, and learn about working with me, the new groups we offer, and the community we’re building.
For over 20 years, I’ve worked with clients at all stages of life. I’m deeply committed to supporting your healing journey. I understand firsthand how illness, loss, and trauma affect us. Our biodynamic approach is holistic, focused on deep listening, and our interdependence with the natural world. 
When you work with me, you become a permanent member of our community. You’ll never have to face challenges alone again.
— Elizabeth Newman | Founder Origin Forces

You are not the problem.

Health issues have a big impact on us and our relationships. With everything that’s been going on lately – the pandemic, social justice issues, climate change, and political polarization – feelings of isolation and disconnection can worsen. 

Our mind and body’s responses to stress and trauma are not a sign of weakness. These reactions come from our ancient brains, originally trying to protect us in a dangerous world. It’s not a choice. Trauma is disorienting, especially at this time, with a lack of understanding.

Though more therapists are trauma-informed, many still use outdated health paradigms that focus on us like we are the problems of this broken world.

We want you to know that if you feel alone or ashamed about your pain, we understand. And, you are not the problem. 

Our culture doesn’t deal well with pain, and we want to help change that.

*We do not focus on disease or diagnosis.

Origin Forces is committed to fostering a culture of community healing.

Often, disease, hardship, and loss are the catalysts for discovering true transformation within.

Your pain and grief are part of your journey – not to be skipped over or dismissed.

It is always darkest before the dawn.

You are not alone.

We will be with you every step of the way until you are on solid ground,
free from pain, and standing in your power.

It’s time to begin your healing journey of transformation.

Book a free discovery call now and join one of our groups.

Let Origin Forces support you on this journey towards
achieving your goals and feeling your best.


I continue to discover my healing edge with Elizabeth, a term she taught me in our Zoom sessions. She is awesome at what she does- compassionate, honest, generous, kind, and nurturing, and she keeps it real. I feel deeply supported, more independent, free, and empowered. I have been speaking up for my boundaries and understanding them since working with Elizabeth. I am grateful. If you get the opportunity to work with her- do it! (you are also pretty ferocious. which I love!)  JANE |Vocal Coach

I’ve been having sessions with Elizabeth for about 10 years now! Sometimes go a full year between groups of 3 or 6 sessions, but it keeps me on track. My whole family tells me when it’s time I need to go back to my “magic doctor” I Still don’t quite understand what she does, but I just feel more like myself, more present with my kids after seeing her. Elizabeth has helped me get thru so many roadblocks in life by being more in touch with my body. She is the first place I go to every time I need a tune-up or feel lost. —KAREN | Starbucks, mother of two

I use Elizabeth as a counselor because she is so good at listening and making sense of my own thoughts. She helps me get into my body, I am always astonished. I never really felt my body or knew it had so much information for me before. It’s like a whole universe inside that I didn’t even know. I have so much more energy, and my energy feels focused and ‘clean.’ She doesn’t know it, but she saved my marriage and business. Thank you Elizabeth!—DAVID | Cabinet maker, father, husband

I came to Elizabeth after seeing so many doctors for my chronic eczema. I didn’t really think she would help that, but just the deep stress I felt from having it for so many years. I was astounded when we went back to the trauma I held in my body from childhood. She told me she’s not a psychic; my body went there…. and it just released. I saw her for three sessions, but I am convinced it was gone on the first. I feel like that was a doorway I went thru now, a chapter I am ready to forget. None of the other doctors I went to even addressed my childhood, let alone my birth. I am amazed.  —DORTHY | mid 30’s Los Angeles

We first met Elizabeth when she worked with my aging mother before and after her hip replacement surgery.  Mom would say that her whole body felt better after seeing Elizabeth. I am forever grateful for how Elizabeth supported my mother during her last years. I also decided to sign up for sessions when I had dental surgery. My dentist said my fast recovery was unheard of. I didn’t even take pain medication. You can bet my whole family sees Elizabeth now. —  MIRANDA | Real Estate Agent

I began seeing Elizabeth when pregnant with my second child on a recommendation from a friend. Having had a “less than ideal” first labor, I wanted to release trauma and fear for my second baby. Elizabeth really helped me relax and enjoy every moment of this pregnancy and stayed with my midwife and me during labor. Now she works with both of our children, and it really feels like she has become a vital part of our family. MEGAN | Mom, Producer

Both my wife and I have seen Elizabeth for years. My wife, because of chronic headaches and childhood abuse, and myself for stress and addictive behaviors. We both really had amazing results and now return every three months or so for a tune-up because we love the after-glow. Not only has seeing Elizabeth really supported our individual health but also our marriage. Most of our family sees Elizabeth now. Even those who live out of town make appointments when visiting. JOHN | Attorney

Elizabeth’s opening meditation, anatomy explanations, and slides, as well as her close listening skills, were particularly outstanding. The resources she provided, including a reading list, handout, and resource book, were thoughtful and will be helpful for review. We were able to practice the super interesting content in the break rooms. SAMUEL | Craniosacral Therapist, Los Angeles

Elizabeth is a passionate and dedicated instructor who is open, authentic, and inclusive. She has extensive experience and is generous with her knowledge. Her communication skills are excellent, and she is passionate about the material she teaches.  AMARA | Phoenix nursing student

Elizabeth’s knowledge, experience, integrity, authenticity, and joyfulness made this class on a difficult subject feel really easy to understand. Elizabeth has vast experience in the subject matter RICHARD |Instructor at Massage School, Sedona, Arizona

Please add a Level 3! Elizabeth was amazing, and this class should be a required course for the programs at the school.  ANNA |Massage School Student, Los Angeles

Elizabeth created a safe environment for exploring challenging material. As an instructor, she made herself available to all students. The material was well-paced so as not to trigger anyone. Furthermore, Elizabeth respected and honored all student feedback and participation. AARAV |  Therapist, Maine

Elizabeth’s stories about working in the field with shock and trauma were particularly helpful. She broke down the information into manageable segments so it did not seem overwhelming. Looking forward to part 2 next week.  MIKE |Private Therapist and massage student, Los Angeles